SILENOS: Ancient Greek deity and ruler of the sources

We are the specialists which convert the result of the complex connection between human being, technology and data in a source of abundant and business-enhancing information.


Our company name is derived from SILENOS, a Greek godess and ruler of the sources.

With this name, we refer to our knowledge in handling the wide range of data sources and our competence in combining most varied technologies.

The recording of technical data of machines, plants and buildings are no longer limited to a hall, a location or a property.
In fact, new communication technologies offer entirely new perspectives regarding the monitoring, controlling and management of such data. This also gives rise to new services and business models that did not exist so far until now. We see ourselves as the communication mangers of this information. Therefore we have created 3 product priorities which very often merge together in applications:

  • Environmental energy efficiency management system (EnMS)
  • Visualisation and operation (SCADA)
  • Alarm server (Notification & Alarming)

To accomplish this task, we have innovative products on offer which are worldwide in thousands of applications in use. With our company name, we refer to our claims in dealing with various data sources and on our expertise to combine most different technologies.

With our far-reaching and proven partner network we grant customer proximity and very fast reaction times.


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