Environment Energy Efficiency Management (EnMS)

Centralise your environment data…


  • and make your energy consumption transparent company-wide
  • identify energy flows, control and optimization
  • Benchmarking of costs, CO2 and key indicators of all media
  • Transparency of costs as well as statement of utility costs
  • Available as a cloud or Intranet infrastructure


SCADA System (ControlMaestro)

Advanced SCADA solution


  • Take control over your infrastructure
  • HTML5 Web Technology
  • Online engineering
  • Flexible security mechanisms
  • Short engineering times
  • BACnet Advanced Workstation  certified (B-AWS)
  • 25 years of software compatibility due to migration tools


Alarm Server (ALERT)

Notification & Alarming


  • automatic remote alarm system
  • the responsible person
  • at the right time
  • at the right place
  • with the required information



Professional services required?

  • Application support
  • Customised IT installations or/and virtualisation
  • Customer-oriented trainings as well as subject-oriented work shops
  • Interface development or functional extension
  • Migrations and performance optimisations
  • Congestion of resources in projects

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Partner Channels

Sales through a powerful partner network


  • into different industries
  • on different ways
  • specific service packages
  • produced on local requirements
  • and applied professional therefore

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