Products: ALERT

Remote Alarm (Alarm Server)

Flexible, Multi-Vendor Alarm Server Solution

MMI ALERT is a software package developed for Windows. It works as a tele control and reporting system and is ideal for applications where a plant, a building or a machine should forward an incident over a telecommunication equipment to the operator or service personnel. For meanwhile 20 years the product ALERT of Micromedia stands for reliable remote alarming. Thanks to continuous development of the software in the areas of data coupling and alarm transmission, protocols such as BACnet, Modbus, ESPA or OPC have become standard. The integrated interfaces to an alarm forwarding such as VoIP, e-mail or SMS allow you seamless integration into your infrastructure. It is thus one of the most advanced alarm systems today.

ALERT Connection

ALERT offers numerous interfaces for accessing the alarms to be monitored:

  • Standard interfaces such as OPC and BACnet

  • SCADA communication drivers (mediators)

    • ControlMaestro, novaPro Open, WinCC, WinCC OA, Cimplicity, Citect, Wonderware and many more

  • Message processor modules

    • e3m, Sauter EMS, databases, Email, SMS, REST/XML, ESPA 4.4.4 etc.

  • Drivers for recording inputs/outputs (Modbus, SNMP)

  • Programming interfaces (API)

  • Speech synthesis interface (Jericho)


Possibility for Redundancy

Increase reliability in case of critical applications by:

  • Redundant server

  • Redundant data storage

  • Redundancy of call media

  • Data matching via network

Remote Alerting Media

  • SMS
  • DECT
  • Email

  • Pager

  •  VoIP

  • Smartphone

  • Voice output

  • Fax

  • ESPA-X

  • ESPA 4.4.4



  • SIA

  • SIA-IP


Speech Synthesis

Using the optionally integrated module of the speech synthesis, voice messages can be generated automatically in the language of the called operator.

  • On-call schedule groups/users

  • Resource management
  • Escalation planning
  • Who gets which alarms at what times on which media







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