Products: ControlMaestro

Visualisation of buildings and plants (SCADA)

Powerful, independent SCADA system solution.

Control Maestro is an evolution of the highly successful Wizcon family of products and provides a powerful, vendor-independent system solution with integrated HTML5 web functionality for distributed systems. In addition to traditional SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) functions such as visualisation, communication and data archiving, ControlMaestro offers as certified BACnet AWS (Advanced Operator Workstation) software the ideal solution for building automation and building control.


25 years of experience

Benefit from our experience from 25 years of successful SCADA business by Wizcon / ControlMaestro software developers and thousands of successful installations.


BACnet AWS Certification

ControlMaestro was certified in 2013 with the BACnet Advanced Workstation (B-AWS) according to the BACnet Test Plan Version 9 installation.


ControlMaestro OEM labelled product Sauter novaPro Open

The original product ControlMaestro is also available as OEM labelled product, e.g. as novaPro Open from Fr. Sauter AG.


ControlMaestro - The next Generation of SCADA

In addition to traditional SCADA functions such as visualisation, communication and various control options, ControlMaestro provides remote access to the system using web technology. Leveraging the latest software technologies ControlMaestro is designed for the future and capable of running on the latest Windows operating systems (64 bit). ControlMaestro benefited from the experience of 25 years of successful SCADA business by Wizcon / ControlMaestro software developers at ELUTIONS.



For the large number of installed Wizcon and earlier ControlMaestro licenses ControlMaestro has an easy -to-use and free migration tool on board. This allows existing applications automatically be actualised to the latest ControlMaestro platform.


ControlMaestro offers all functions for a comprehensive automation solution. The development platform covers the full range of visualization tasks, from simple HMI (Human Machine Interface) up to sophisticated control technology.

  • Monitoring

  • Control of discrete and continuous processes

  • Data collection

  • Alerting

  • Visualisation

  • Information transmission

  • Reporting

  • Local operation and monitoring

  • Web based remote access to information dissemination and control - anywhere, anytime

  • Independent of manufacturer

  • Complete, reliable and scalable solution

  • and much more


The SCADA package is modularly constructed. From the integrated IEC 61131-3 development environment (CM-PLC), through the alarm forwarding (CM-AAM) to the scheduler for time-controlled execution of actions (CM-Scheduler) ControlMaestro has the right module for any application.

  • CM-AAM

  • CM-BACnet


  • CM-PLC

  • CM-Report

  • CM-Scheduler

  • CM-SQL

  • CM-Toolkit


coming soon!