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Environment Energy Efficiency Management (EnMS)

Active Energy Data Management

The active energy data management e3m is the professional solution for evaluating the energetic condition of your buildings and properties. e3m makes energy consumption and costs transparent and forms the basis for a systematic analysis with the goal of better energy efficiency.

e3m has a significantly higher claim than a classic energy monitoring. The collecting, verification and recording of all relevant data is the foundation for an integrated energy management. e3m also provides powerful analysis modules, which fulfil both requirements: energy consulting and controlling.

e3m supports you to deal actively with the subject energy, starting with the active monitoring of targets up to the active access to the systems engineering.

e3m Box

The e3m Box is a maintenance-free hardware solution for manufacturer-independent data acquisition. The meter data are prepared therein and transferred to the e3m data center afterwards. The e3m box can be equipped from the smart data concentrator up to complex web-enabled building management systems, according your requirements.

e3m Connector

The software data connectors (SDC) are the interfaces to connect existing systems with e3m. Thanks to them the measured data and alarms of building control systems or process control systems can be directly transferred to the e3m Data Center.

e3m Data Center

The e3m Data Center allows a centralised management of relevant key figures of your plants and buildings - here all the data converge. It enables a wide variety of analysis for process and energy optimisation up to service and maintenance management. The e3m Data Center is a database-driven server application. Access and configuration of your application is provided via web browser.

e3m Mobile

With e3m Mobile you have always access to your energy data at anytime from anywhere. Whether on your smartphone or your tablet, e3m Mobile offers the optimal surface to control your e3m Data Center with any mobile device. Browse through your portals, react to alarms or enter meter readings based on your reading routes. You always have the right tool in your hand. If you should have at a time no Internet connection, e3m Mobile stores the data for you and synchronize them as soon as you are back online.

e3m Client

The Internet browser is a universal front end for e3m. The Thin-Client technology allows access to all information and configurations of e3m Data Center from any location.
Any modern web browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox can be used as e3m Client. There is no installation of additional plug-ins required.



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